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Recent Winners


Douglas Rae

Pulsio Massage Gun

January 23, 2024


David Shepherd

Hope Brakes #4

January 23, 2024


Jon Lovett

Muc Off jet wash

January 23, 2024


Scott Hudson

January 23, 2024


Ian Stallerbrass

Melon Optics #9

January 15, 2024


John R Wisner

Wera Tool kit #2

January 23, 2023


Stephen Williams

GX Axs #7

January 8, 2023


Louis Foot

Hope Coat #13

January 8, 2023


Kyron Kynoch

DBC Wheel-set #7

January 8, 2023


Gary Wallace

Wera tool Kit

January 8, 2023


Jason Yapp

Exposure Zenith#4

January 8, 2023


Kevin Molloy

DBC #119

December 27, 2023


It's a bit of fun to throw a couple of quid into the pot to see if you might win something you actually want/need every week.

Tobye Hillier

Dream bike competition is great comp for all, ran by a MTB rider, a fair way to win great prizes for your passion.

Philip Guy

I love that Dream Bike Competitions make it affordable to be able to buy tickets so you have the choice to buy more if you want..l won a cash prize in 2020 and always like to come back and try my luck again..

Miss C.A

“I have been playing the dream bike competition for about 2 years now , I have won £2500 cash £50 credit. Foxy is a man of his word when you win he contacts you straight away and let’s you know if he needs any other information from you. This is a site you can TRUST you receive what you play for.

Mr Ian

Very good variation of prizes, cheap tickets and a small pool of entries increasing the chances of winning!

Liam Buckley

Always decent prizes on offer, love the live draws. Always enter what I can afford n you never know

Tom Wood

Great prizes and good banter on site, keep up the good work foxy

Dale Tychojskij

Great prizes for small ammount of money!

Nino Novak