How It Works

Entering all of our competitions is quick and easy,

  • You simply select the competition you wish to enter
  • And purchase how many tickets you would like!

You will receive an email receipt from ourselves, but no Ticket number is given out!
Remember it's not a raffle. (although the format is very similar)

For the avoidance of doubt, there is only one prize awarded for each DBC Monthly/Weekly Competition (‘First Prize’) and not one per prize listed.

Once the competition has closed, all entrants/orders are saved to a spreadsheet, and Depending on the amount of tickets purchased.

This will equate to the amount of lines you will have on the spreadsheet.
For your information this spreadsheet runs 2 macro codes on it!

1st It assigns extra lines to match tickets purchased 1 ticket=1 line, 2 tickets=2 lines!

2nd It then randomises the whole sheet. So you will not have a block of lines,

And then another random selection is made by the Random wheel software making it truly a 100% random selection.
We have absolutely zero control over who is picked, this keeps the whole draw totally random, and more importantly legal for yours and our, peace of minds.

The winning announcement takes place Every Monday @830pm , where we occasionally call the winner during a "Facebook live" broadcast.
Adding to the whole suspense!
It only takes one !!

And as the saying goes "You have to be in it to win it" !!

Please, Share it Enjoy it Win it Ride it!

Good luck.
Foxy out!